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Maricopa County Arizona Attorney Family Law


Maricopa County Arizona family law attorneys have a wide range of responsibilities that they must perform to provide exemplary legal services to their clients. Some family law attorneys work in divorce, providing legal representation when spouses are splitting up. Other family law attorneys handle cases involving children, whether by representing biological parents or adopting parents. A family law attorney might set up an estate plan or work with couples who want to adopt children.

Everyday tasks that a Maricopa County Arizona family law attorney might undertake include preparing wills and trusts, setting up adoption hearings, and filing court documents on behalf of clients. Family lawyers also help clients prepare for custody battles, divorces, and other instances where individual needs conflict with the state’s interests.

What is Family Law in Maricopa County?

Family law attorneys often deal with custody, support, and community property division for divorcing couples.

Divorces can become contentious, which is where a reasonable Maricopa County Arizona family law attorney comes in. The attorney can recommend courses of action to take and ensure that any agreements made between spouses are fair and legally binding.

After a divorce has been filed and court-related documents have been sent out to the parents involved, there may be hearings or meetings with family law attorneys present. These meetings might be related to issues such as alimony or child custody.

In some cases, a couple might want to get back together after they’ve divorced – but this isn’t always possible or advised depending on the circumstances of the initial divorce. When trying to reconcile after a divorce, it can be helpful for a couple to hire a family law attorney who can help prepare and manage all of the necessary paperwork.

There are many types of family law attorneys, and they might focus on adoption, estate planning, alimony, and trusts. An adoption lawyer may handle cases related to international adoptions, surrogacy, or interfamily adoptions. Trusts are often set up either by current parents or by biological parents who have had children through other means. Such beliefs are typically designed to provide financial support for children until they reach adulthood.

A child custody attorney’s field includes legal representation of parents involved in disputes over child custody arrangements. A parent seeking sole custody will want an attorney who can navigate them through the complicated court system. A parent seeking joint custody may wish for an attorney that can prove the benefits of such an arrangement.

A family attorney is generally a generalist who practices in many areas of law. Their focus, however, tends to be on those that affect domestic life, such as family and divorce laws. Family law attorneys typically represent spouses or children during divorce proceedings and child custody hearings. They may also prepare prenuptial agreements for potential spouses, draft wills and trusts, and provide legal advice on adoption issues.

They might help their clients with various adoptions: international, open or closed; stepparent; same-sex; and surrogate. In addition, they may work on paternity cases, including those involving alleged fathers seeking custody of children born outside of relationships. Family law attorneys often deal with child issues as well as spousal support or alimony.

They advise on prenuptial agreements, living trusts, and wills – all of which are documents that define the distribution of assets in the event of death. They might also be asked to represent one spouse when working toward an equitable property division in a divorce settlement.

Divorce lawyers usually need to draft various family law pleadings, motions, affidavits, and orders. These professionals may also be expected to file appeals if necessary.

Family lawyers are responsible for assessing their clients’ needs in order to prepare legal strategies . They work with people at sensitive times in their lives when they’re seeking guidance on how to proceed with serious matters. Any advice they give should always fall within their clients’ best interests.

What Kind of Cases Does a Family Law Attorney in Maricopa County Take?

Family lawyers take all types of cases. They are lawyers that specialize in family law. They can represent either the male or female spouse in a divorce, annulment, legal separation or paternity. The partner who files to dissolve the marriage initiates the divorce. They usually cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for seeking a divorce. Those differences may include infidelity, abuse, addiction, imprisonment, and abandonment.

To cope with these complex challenges to their marriage, couples seek help from counselors or religious advisors before filing for divorce to see if they are ready to end their relationship permanently. Once an initiative petition is filed, both parties have to wait out a mandatory cooling-off period before another petition can be filed. The cooling-off period, which varies by state, gives the parties a month or two to rethink their decision and reconcile. If no such reconciliation occurs, then one partner can file a second divorce petition in court. This starts the legal process for ending a marriage in most cases.

Different types of cases handled by family law attorneys:

The practice area of family law has many sub-specialties, including:

  • Child custody and visitation rights
  • Alimony and property division arrangements when spouses divorce
  • Third-party custody disputes when an unmarried couple separates and one person wants parental rights over the child/ren of that relationship but has not adopted them
  • Adoption of a child by a stepparent or third party
  • Domestic violence and spousal abuse

In most cases, Maricopa County family law attorneys encourage their clients to resolve the issues they have in their divorce outside of court. They engage in mediation or collaborative law with their spouse to avoid going through the expense, emotional toll, and time involved when they do prosecute. If a couple can communicate effectively and decide together about how to deal with each issue, they can save themselves money and heartache in the long run.

What Kind of Fees do Family Lawyers in Maricopa County Charge?

The hourly rate for family lawyers varies depending on where you live and the lawyer’s reputation and. Some may be willing to work on a contingency basis, which means you do not have to pay them until the case is settled. If this is your arrangement with your lawyer, make sure there are no hidden fees before signing any agreement.

If their expenses are expensive, you may want to ask for an estimate of how much they expect the process to cost so you can factor that into your divorce arrangements.

Before hiring a family law attorney, meet with them and discuss exactly what kind of services they will provide and at what price point. You want to be comfortable with the person or firm if you choose to hire them as they must function as an advocate for you in court AND counselor once outside of it.

Do not feel rushed into making a decision just because time is running out. Most Maricopa County attorneys will allow you to take as much time as necessary to review their qualifications and case history before making your final decision.

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