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Is Moving Out of Your House Before Divorce an Excellent Consideration?

Typically, experienced divorce attorneys like the divorce lawyer Mesa advise that your family house is every couple’s valuable asset. You’ll probably have the greatest emotional connection to your marital home than any other belongings in your marriage. However, based on the cause of your divorce, moving out of your house before finalizing your separation becomes a concern.

Factors to Consider About Moving Out or Staying in Your Marital House Before Divorce

When going through a divorce, many things like gut instincts and increased conflicts will disturb you about moving or staying in your home before finalizing the matter. When conflicts are high, you may feel safe living apart but still, regardless of the circumstances, below is what to consider before settling for the decision:

Moving Out May Not Eliminate Your Responsibility for Paying Household Expenses

Unless stated otherwise by the court of law, you’ll want to reconsider moving out before finalizing your divorce as an added expense, especially when your obligation to pay for household expenses for your marital home stands still. As the primary earner in a family, you’re typically obligated to pay for bills like mortgage and other utilities; hence moving out before matters are settled will likely affect your financial abilities considering you’ll have two places to pay bills for.
Likewise, your spouse can file a petition in court for temporary orders that hold you responsible to continue paying and maintain the home. When this happens, and your spouse is jobless, the court usually sets a standard amount to be paid monthly or for a given time, meaning you’ll have given yourself a responsibility you would have avoided by staying until the divorce is final. Moreover, a petition means missing payments can be treated as irresponsibility or ignorance, which may affect your odds of being given custody responsibilities.
Again, paying for expenses for two places can be challenging if your financial ability is unstable, thus allowing your ex to win the divorce in their favor, especially if they work with legal counseling you couldn’t afford because of your responsibility to cater for two homes. At the same time, if you are not cleared of additional debts associated with your home and the court orders, it is your responsibility to pay bills; your spouse may leave all debts on you, even those you could have paid as a team. Furthermore, moving out before divorce can force the law to order temporary status quo orders of maintaining the home during your divorce. When this happens, status quo orders of maintaining a home increase the chances for those taking care of the house to be assigned ownership of the house without question.

Consider The Occurrence of Unavoidable Problems After Moving Out During a Divorce

Moving out of your house before divorce is always not a peaceful encounter. It means the chances of leaving valuable possessions with the hope of coming back for them is higher, but if things change and your return is not an option, getting your valuables can be challenging. Also, even if you’re given a chance to come back for your things, missing or damaged valuables will be hard to recover, considering it hard questioning someone you’re divorcing about the whereabouts of your things.
Therefore, suppose you decide to move out of your marital home before divorce, make sure you’ve got copies of all important documents and more. Also, ensure you’ve closed or agreed with your ex about shared accounts and other essential possessions with the help of a reliable mediation before leaving. Mediation will work as your reference for agreements made before you left if your ex turns things against you in matters of custody and more. Also, when minor children are involved, make sure you have arranged for informal parenting schedules to help you continue contact with them until permanent custody orders are filed before rushing with the move.

Consider Your Mental Health Status and That of The Children

According to studies, divorces affect people in emotional realms and can adversely affect specific behavioral changes that endanger their physical and mental health. One of those changes is your or your children’s eating patterns. Eating disorders arising from the effects of divorces can be bothersome to handle unless you’re out of your ex’s sight, meaning moving out of the house becomes essential at this time.
Additionally, eating disorders due to consistent conflicts will lead to weight loss and other health concerns, which have a destructive impact on you or your children’s psychological well-being. As such, if your mental and physical health or safety is at risk, remaining in your marital home isn’t a great consideration. If you can afford to pay bills and leave kids behind without worrying about their wellbeing, moving out will help you adapt and accept the situation which is an excellent option for building a strong co-parenting relationship.

Moving Out is an Option When You’re Kicked Out of The House Intentionally

While you may want to stay until the divorce is final, factors like being kicked out risk your safety hence the need to consider moving out before the matter is finalized. Regardless of whether you participate on the home mortgage or lease statements, you’ll want to move out of the home first before taking the matter to court based on your spouse’s behavior and the odds of your safety. Legally, your spouse can’t kick you out of your home if you contribute on lease and mortgage agreements, but if they are aggressive, you’ll have to stay away before things worsen especially when safety is concerned.

Consider Working With Experienced Family Divorce Attorneys

No matter the reason for moving or staying in your marital home before finalizing your divorce, a qualified family attorney comes in handy, especially for the myriads of legal intervention needed. Get a reliable and experienced family lawyer to help you go through the moving or staying decision to ensure your safety and health are not in jeopardy. Additionally, you are less likely to regret moving or staying when the decision is fully informed by a reputable legal representative. Experienced and passionate divorce and family attorneys from accomplished law firms like will help you pursue your divorce professionally and with great peace of mind. Reach out to Jensen Family Law at Jensen Family Law, 3740 E Southern Ave Suite 210 Mesa AZ 85206, or contact us via (480) 999-2321. Also, find more about their services on their social media handles, including:


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