How Are The Days Each Parent Spends With Their Child Calculated in AZ?

Divorce is a difficult experience to go through, especially if there are children involved. The parents could begin fighting over the custody of their children, yet the state of Arizona has established a few guidelines that define their custody, how much time each parent spends with their children and child support. Via a professional divorce attorney Mesa AZ based firm, you can surely receive great guidance to get the best outcome. But let’s go back a few steps and provide you an idea of what to guidelines expect:

Childcare Cost:

Knowing which party is paying for the children’s care cost can help define which parent will provide child support. Providing this information can be helpful while in court. 

Health Insurance Cost:

The parent who pays for the children’s insurance cost is also considered. Court considers both childcare cost and health insurance costs even if both are not paid by the same parent.

Parenting Days:

The days each parent spends with the children are considered by also considering the amount a parent spends with the children. This does not include day-care time, yet at court, this rule could be overlooked.

Gross Income:

The gross income of both parents is revised by the court to help determine which parent can earn custody of the children. Which parent supports the children financially is considered by the court, yet other factors are also taken into account.

Special Needs:

The special needs of the children are also considered by the court. A supporting parent may help the children with certain needs, and this is something that the court also puts in mind.

The court will help define both the child support and parenting time each parent spends with their child or children. The hours each parent spends with their child are determined by knowing how many hours each of them spends with the child. For example, the time each parent spends with their child can be determined like this: 12 hours or more equals one day, while 6 to 11 hours will count as half a day. The court then passes to determine how much hours are spending yearly on the children. Via those steps and other matters, a professional family lawyer can help determine the children’s parenting days. The state of Arizona has guidelines that make it easy to determine the time each parent can spend with their children. It is good to consider all the points given above to stablish and have a good idea of how much time each parent could receive child custody.

It is very important to know the time each parent gets to spend with their child because this gives a clear idea of what to expect at court. Be sure to only use an experienced family lawyer, because you need to properly revise these guidelines to have a good understanding of your standing in court. If you are looking for a professional family attorney to assist you in your case then at Jensen Family Law you can certainly receive the best legal assistance. Please feel free to learn more about them by heading to



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