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Everything Parents Should Consider Before Divorcing in Arizona

As a parent, ending your marriage can be challenging, especially when kids are involved. While divorces almost have the same reasons worldwide, different states have different laws and considerations. However, when you’ve entirely decided to end your marriage, a qualified divorce lawyer, family law attorney will help you maneuver through seamlessly, especially when dealing with a non-filing spouse stubborn about accepting the divorce. Likewise, some of the critical factors to consider include:


Your divorce can be one of the most expensive encounters in your marriage life. Divorce comes with significant demands for money, such as legal upfront charges and other court fees you may not have anticipated or planned for. Although the number of legal charges depends on your lawyer’s or legal firm’s divorce fee structuring, you may want to reconsider before deciding whether pursuing the divorce is worth it or not.
In addition to upfront charges, you’ll also need to plan for filing fees for petitions and response charges. Moreover, moving and settling expenses can also be expensive if you’re the spouse moving out of your marital home. Besides, your divorce costs can also become overwhelming when the court rules for you to pay insurance coverage for assets you may no longer have access to or use.

Getting Back to Work

If you’re among the stay-at-home parents, your divorce means you’ll have to start thinking about finding a job, mainly when your financial abilities are in question or you’re to face child support responsibilities. In addition, according to a study by the Journal of Men’s Health concerning both genders’ effects of divorces, you’re likely to suffer from depression and frequent illness resulting in substance abuse unless you quickly get yourself into work shortly after you’re divorced.
Even so, while reentering the workforce seems like an excellent option, your chances of getting the right job for you are petite, especially if you’ve been married for a long or your job specialty is significantly affected by changes. As such, getting back into track finding the right job for you require the implementation of factors like:

  • Updating your resume- Your job search may fail because your resume isn’t updated, especially in today’s world, where resume crafting is constantly changing. As such, you’re in a better position to land a job quickly after revamping your application and portfolios. If possible, be sure to find your niche resume professionals to help you update crucial information employees are currently considering.
  • Exploit the digital workforce – Today, you don’t have to suffer a divorced and jobless person anywhere, anytime, especially with the increased online work opportunities, including freelancing and more. So consider taking a few online classes while on your divorce progress to master some skills. Skills like data entry and blogging will get you to work immediately after you’re done with the process. Additionally, you can create social medial profiles such as LinkedIn and more advertising your skills and specialty.

Future Relationship With Your Kids

Before signing your divorce papers, consider how your children will relate with you, especially if you’re the filling spouse. In most cases, kids have bad relationships with parents they believe initiated divorces, so before settling for it, your concerns should be about how your children relate to it. Moreover, even when you’re not the initiating spouse, be sure children will constantly be upended about it, so don’t fully expect things to go easy with them, primarily based on gender.
According to a few studies about the effects of divorces on children based on gender, one study by Neighbors & Wierson in 1991 says boys and girls have different vulnerabilities on their parental divorces. The study reports that boys exhibit more external issues and less competence than girls when divorces occur during their pre-adolescence ages. Additionally, the study also reports that girls exhibit severe psychosomatic problems than boys.
Likewise, a study by Frost & Pakiz in 1990 expressed divorce effects on children stating that girls are more likely to suffer dissatisfaction than boys, especially for their social community exposure. These effects make your children assume you’re the reason behind their suffering, which will, unfortunately, change their initial relationship bond with you.

Your Family’s Health Status

According to a 2013 study, divorced mothers are often less affectionate and supportive and suffer accompanying divorce stressors affecting their mental health. Likewise, children growing up with a mentally disturbed mother suffer psychologically, affecting their self-esteem, adversely impacting their academic performances.
Additionally, reports from a leading marriage restoration and caregiver professional, Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, say that children growing up with separate parents suffer from extreme inabilities to creating impactful social relationships, develop their inner abilities and live to assume they are less capable of dealing with personal and family issues thus risk indulging in drug abuse affecting their mental health as well. Moreover, kids suffer mentally when they frequently change schools, homes, and living with one parent at a time. Finally, for parents, you’re likely to suffer mental breakdowns due to financial stressors, especially under child support.

Your Children’s Struggles in Accepting Step-Parents

According to the Pew Research center, almost 40% of families in the United States in 2013 alone were a mixture of step-children. The study also suggests that your children suffer from divorce stressors once you are divorced and find it challenging to transform and accept strangers as step-parents. As such, your children will continuously endure family change dynamics, affecting their ability to create bonds with step-parents and society. Also, forcing your child to accept and address your new partner as a parent can be challenging, thus creating enmity between the partner and kids or vice versa.


While divorce may be the best decision for your life, random relatives and friends may not be as enthusiastic about it as you’d anticipate. Also, if you’re a religious person, some religions may condemn your decision, affecting your social relationships and confidence. Likewise, your cultural beliefs may work against you, especially if you come from cultures that believe divorces are taboos.


When you’re torn between signing for divorce, think about things like your children, your family’s health, and the financial burdens divorce bring. Moreover, to determine if divorce is the right decision based on your marriage circumstances, legal counsel from renowned divorce and family legal firms such as can help you make the right choice.
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