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Cohabitation Agreement Lawyer Mesa AZ


Arizona is a community property state. In most cases, debts and assets acquired during the marriage will be divided equally between the spouses upon divorce or dissolution of marriage. However, unmarried couples who share a residence can protect their respective interests in any real estate they own together by entering into a written cohabitation agreement. A cohabitation agreement serves as a written contract that defines how a residence will be held and used while unmarried couples live together.

Cohabitation Agreement Attorney Mesa AZ

In general terms, a cohabitation agreement is designed to make precise arrangements about the living arrangements of unmarried people who are engaged in an ongoing relationship outside of marriage. The terms of such contracts typically outline how much money each person contributes toward rent or mortgage payments, how bills and expenses will be allocated, and what percentage each person owns in the property.

One of the primary reasons for drafting a cohabitation agreement is that it can help to provide clarity and certainty about your legal rights should the relationship end. It also helps to protect against any future claims of entitlement to an interest in real estate. If you are considering entering into such an agreement with a friend or lover, make sure you both consult with independent counsel before signing any documents. Cohabitation agreements must comply with state laws governing such matters as unfair trade practices and unconscionable actions (if enforced).

Requirements For A Valid Agreement

Most states require at least two parties to a cohabitation contract; therefore, you cannot draft a binding agreement on your own. Arizona is no exception to this rule. The parties to a deal also must be competent to enter into the contract, meaning that they are old enough and of sound mind under all of the circumstances presented by the particular case. Anyone who lacks capacity or cannot understand the nature of the contract will not be bound by it.

Arizona courts will enforce cohabitation agreements if it finds them fair and equitable at the time of enforcement. This means that any petition for enforcement cannot be filed more than one year after either party knew or should have known about a possible breach in the agreement. Another essential requirement is that both parties showed complete disclosure negotiations on all matters covered by their contract. In addition, the contract must be written and signed by both parties.

Community property division upon dissolution of a cohabitation agreement is not governed by Arizona’s state statutes or case law. Instead, it is up to the parties themselves to define how their property will be divided under any specific circumstances that may come about in the future. A lack of clarity and certainty about how property will be divided can lead to severe legal disputes during and after a breakup. That is why every state encourages unmarried couples who live together to enter into cohabitation agreements if they want some measure of guidance when dealing with issues such as property division at the end of a relationship. More importantly, Arizona courts enforce such contracts according to our modern notions of fairness and equity.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Cohabitation agreements are designed to ensure that property would be distributed relatively if the relationship ends. The delay between becoming aware of a breach and filing suit can lead to severe hardship for one of the parties, especially if they have inadequate legal representation. If you fail to comply with any terms included in your cohabitation agreement, Arizona courts will not enforce them for you. However, there is no requirement that a judge holds a hearing on the matter before deciding whether or not to implement those provisions contained within an agreement signed by both parties. In other words, one party cannot simply refuse to abide by the terms outlined in a deal without further consequences from either court or both parties as outlined in their cohabitation agreement.

To be as clear as possible about what you intend for your relationship with another person, both parties should draft a cohabitation agreement. This document provides a definitive record of how each party feels about specific issues and clarifies any uncertainties or misunderstandings in the relationship. If you choose to take this step towards a better understanding of your rights during and after your cohabitation ends, make sure their legal counsel represents both sides before signing any contracts. It also would not hurt to have an experienced family law attorney review the agreement on your behalf before committing to its terms. It only takes one misunderstanding between partners to cost thousands of dollars in legal fees later on.

Cohabitation Agreement Lawyer in Arizona

It is never easy coming up with legal contracts. And when it comes to cohabitation agreements, it’s even more challenging – especially if you are not well versed in how these work. These types of arrangements can protect both parties from something going wrong down the road, whether that means a breakup or the death of one partner.

Many people choose to draft their cohabitation agreements, but this does not always end well for either party involved. An attorney will almost always be able to do a better job of ensuring everything goes smoothly and everyone knows what is expected.

Here are some benefits you get from hiring a family law attorney:

  1. Peace of mind When you sign a contract to spend your life with someone, it’s a big deal. It can be nerve-wracking to think that you may end up in court fighting for what you believe is yours if something happens. An attorney can make sure that never happens by drawing up a rock-solid cohabitation agreement.
  2. Protection Nothing is worse than the sudden death of a partner. Unfortunately, this occurs all too often and leaves many people struggling with legal issues they had no idea they’d have to face while going through one of the most challenging times in their lives. Having an attorney draw up your cohabitation agreement will allow you to know precisely how your assets are allotted should something happen to one of the partners.
  3. No unnecessary disputes In some cases, people may think they have a cohabitation agreement when they don’t. As time goes on, partnerships evolve, and the lines of who is responsible for what becomes blurred. Without a proper legal document in place, you could end up with unnecessary disputes that could have been prevented with the appropriate guidance.
  4. Protection for all assets Unfortunately, people can be taken advantage of when it comes to matters such as this. An attorney will ensure your rights are protected, and no one tries to take advantage of you. The best protection is knowledge, and having someone looking out for your best interests ensures nothing gets overlooked or forgotten about.
  5. Peace of mind (for both partners) It’s important to remember that coming up with a cohabitation agreement is about more than just protecting your assets. It’s also there to protect your relationship.

Writing up this type of contract will ensure that both partners are on the same page and have written down everything they need to know. This can not only avoid disagreements down the road, but it’s an essential part of building a foundation for any future marriage. Hiring an attorney can help eliminate any stress or confusion so you can spend less time worrying about these issues and more time enjoying each other.

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Cohabitation agreements are certainly nothing to take lightly, which is why you should always have legal counsel involved in the process. There are many benefits associated with hiring someone to draft one for you, which will make this big step a lot easier. As Jensen Family Law family law attorneys in Mesa AZ, we have over 30 years combined experience with cohabitation agreements and would be happy to help you with your own contractual needs. Contact us at our Mesa office to get started with your cohabitation agreement today.

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