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Co-Parenting & Discipline After Arizona Divorce

If you are going through or (considering) initiating a divorce proceeding, it would be wise educate yourself on the child custody laws and how you will co-parent when everything is said and done. The shift from married parents to divorced co-parents has many legal and social ramifications. Therefore, hiring a proficient and empathetic family lawyer Mesa AZ should be your first step during this trying time.
Parenting is a challenging exercise even for married parents who have good communication and conflict resolution skills. It becomes much more challenging for divorced co-parents. Finding the right family lawyer is critical because they will be integral in negotiating the children’s custody agreement and social-economic needs. Your lawyer must understand that the top priority is keeping your children happy and well adjusted. This article will list some essential guidelines to adhere to when co-parenting after divorce.

Co-Parents Must Be Disciplined In Maintaining Mutual Respect And Civility Towards Each Other

Its quite natural and expected for parents who are in the process of getting a divorce to have a profound fear of losing their children, which causes them significant emotional imbalances. However, after the divorce is finalized and a settlement handed down, both parents must accept the outcome and aim to do what’s best for the children. Remember that hurting your former spouse is, in reality, bound to harm your children.
Co-parenting can only work if you and your former spouse let bygones remain bygones. Divorce throws children into a loop of confusion and uncertainty. They will be watching you closely and picking up cues that will affect their behavior. Your children do not need to hear or see their parents behaving badly towards each other. Any residual hostility from the divorce proceedings and custody arrangements must be ignored when dealing with your children.
Both parents need to find a way to maintain a civil if not amicable relationship when dealing with custody arrangements, child support payments and other logistical implications of raising children. The entire family must discuss to clarify any changes in the roles you have been playing in their lives. Getting rid of any conflict or its appearance is vital for your children’s mental well-being as it solidifies their trust in you and prevents them from acting out by playing you against each other.

Communicate Openly With Your Children And Address All Their Concerns

Soon before or immediately after the divorce proceedings are initiated, you must call a family meeting to inform your children of the upcoming changes. It will help if you reassure them that even though your marriage is over, the two of you are friends and their parents above all things. Emphasize that you will always remain a family and in each other’s lives forever.
A great way to start the talk is when each parent talks to the children as a group and then individually, emphasizing how much you love them and that you will never leave them. You must be prepared to answer any questions and concerns that your children may raise.
Be as honest and open as possible without sharing any inappropriate information with the children. For example, if the divorce was caused by infidelity or other sensitive issues, consider telling the kids that while they are not the cause for the divorce, they will have to be older before you can say the exact reason.
Ensure that you give them a chance to get a word in. Both parents must also clarify that the door is always open should the children want to have another family meeting.

Do Your Best To Maintain Old Routines And Make The New Ones As Stable As Possible

Divorces introduce a lot of change in your life as well as your children’s. Children suffer more because they are often powerless in the divorce process and may not understand why. You must maintain as many old routines as possible while making adjustments to accommodate the divorce agreement. Stability is one of the best ways to help your children fight off the adverse effects of divorce. Even with two residences, both parents must strive to achieve reliable living conditions. Routines can help children cope with the significant amount of adapting and development they will need to undergo to be well adjusted after the aon of divorce wears off.

Allow Time Before Introducing Children To New Partners And their Families

Both parents must keep their new personal lives as far away from their children as possible. Until your children have absorbed the impact of the recent changes in their everyday lives, it is not wise to introduce any variables into the equation. Children must be spared the trauma of seeing their parents in new relationships or being part of a blended family until they are emotionally balanced and have rediscovered their confidence and safety within the parental bonds.

Emphasize The Emotional, Physical And Spiritual Wellness

Divorce will subject your children to rigorous change and emotional turmoil. Please encourage them to channel their feelings through existing or new activities like art, sports, charity etc. Getting your children to develop new interests and a larger worldview is a great way to avoid withdrawal or rebellion.

Create New Individual And Family Bonding Occasions

Divorce is likely to affect some cherished family traditions. One of the best ways to recover from this is saving any bonding occasions that can be salvaged, e.g. birthdays. A great alternative is creating new ones. Children love to explore, take this opportunity to find out more about their individual interests but asking them to plan some family events.

Find The Right Expert Help

After divorce, learning to co-parent is a learning curve, just as parenting once was. Both parents have to remember that no matter any mistakes or misunderstandings, they all want what’s best for the children. Need the help of a proficient and ethical family law attorney? Visit us today at nd we will handle your divorce proceedings efficiently and with the best long-term interest of your family at heart.
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