Are harassing text messages enough to warrant a restraining order?

There is no doubt that harassment is a serious issue that can disrupt someone’s life enormously. Of course, harassment is not something new, but in our modern age, technology has made it much easier for both men and women to engage in this type of activity. One of the most common ways that people harass others nowadays is via text messages. Sometimes, it is hard to tell what constitutes harassment in a conversation even if it gets a bit offensive. But you should know that harassment is against the law and you do not have to put up with it no matter what your relation to the other person happens to be. A divorce attorney in Mesa can elaborate on this.

Harassment via text message

We all know that text messages can be very useful in many situations and that is why they became so popular years ago and continue to be for a lot of people, including divorced and separated couples who have to constantly communicate about issues such as child visitation. Texting is much easier than having to talk to someone on the phone but that is a two-edged sword because someone who is angry or just wants to be mean can easily send harassing texts over and over again and even do so at a very low cost. 

Using text messages as evidence

But although harassing texts can be very distressful, one of the good things about them is that they will serve as evidence against the harasser. Recently the issue of text messages was brought up in a New Jersey court where it was shown that the defendant had sent harassing texts and that turned out to be very incriminating evidence. This is not always the case because, sometimes, text messages may not be deemed admissible as evidence against a defendant depending on the circumstances. Getting a restraining order based on harassing texts is also not always as straightforward as you might believe it to be. 

What to do about harassing text messages

When someone suddenly starts to get harassing or threatening texts from someone they either know or don’t, one of the things that they often do is erase those messages or just ignore them. Erasing such texts will get rid of valuable evidence, and ignoring them is not good because the person who is sending those harassing texts might actually mean it and turn to violence. If you begin to get harassing text messages from someone and you believe that your personal safety is on the line, you should contact the police and/or an experienced attorney who will be able to advise you about whether you will be able to get a restraining order based on the harassing texts or not. You should know that you will probably not be granted a restraining order just because you find your ex’s texting to be annoying or troublesome. You have to be able to show that there is a threat from the person who is sending the text messages to get a restraining order. Click here for more:


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